and im back to being fat and ugly again! Yaaay

considering a gastric bypass cause I’m too fat and so far my diet i started today isnt even working ugh

I love that If I stand on the curb and you stand on the ground and we face each other, our lips are at the perfect height to kiss.

I make weird faces. Being queen of the fairies can get a bit tedious sometimes.

I’m his favourite extra-curricular activity.

Stupid feels

I keep falling in love with the same person every day. Every moment we’re together and every moment we are apart, I just keep falling and falling. I’ve hit the ground a million times, I just keep crashing through and falling even more.

So I think most women will agree that the reason they wear makeup (if they wear makeup) is because they want to feel fresh and beautiful. If you ask a woman if she wears makeup to impress other people, 90% of them will respond with a resounding: “NO! I wear it because I want to, and it makes me feel confident!”

Which is a GOOD thing, if you want to wear makeup because it makes you feel confident, then absolutely do it, and even if you wear makeup to impress other people, thats cool too! Do whatever you want and whatever you need to do to feel confident and beautiful— because you are!

But something kind of bothers me with that idea— “wearing makeup to feel more confident in your looks”… I guess what bothers me is that more women feel confident with makeup on than without. And it’s a problem for me too! Personally, I feel like I just look sick and dull and just plain ugly, even. And I know I’m not alone in feeling this way.

I guess what my real point is, when was the last time you said to yourself: “I’m not going to wear makeup today and feel confident?”

silent night, up awake at 4:40 am, I was scrolling silently through tumblr just a second ago, and nothing really interesting was posted, so I was just scrolling, and then something i liked showed up on my dash, so i clicked the “like” button and i jumped.

i jumped at the sound of my trackpad clicking.

i was scared by a click.


time to sleep.

Look how white I am!

Look how white I am!