"You should wear blue. Everyone looks good in blue."

she took the silvery blue dress off the hanger and shoved it into my chest.

"Here, try this on." 

I hated it. 

the fabric was itchy and constricting, and the colour made me look pale and lifeless. I took it off as fast as I could and walked out of the dressing room. Angie stood leaning against one of the walls outside the dressing room picking at her acrylic nails. She looked up expectantly, but her interest flicked to anger as soon as she saw the dress in my hands and not on me. She threw her hands up in the air.

"What’s wrong with this one? Too flashy for you? Honestly Ariel.”

She sighed her why-must-I-carry-the-weight-of-the-world sighs and rolled her eyes dramatically. Folding her arms accross her chest, she stood threateningly, daggers for eyes, pointed at me.

I looked down at the hideous scrap of fabric. “It’s Itchy.” I mumbled, holding back tears.

"Oh, it’s itchy!” she said sarcastically. she stomped toward me with fuming bluster, and with one swift movement ,she snached the dress from my hands, and shoved it onto one of the shelves.

"We’re leaving. Guess you don’t really want to look good at prom. Your choice." 

As we left, I looked back through the sliding glass doors as they closed at the dress I really wanted.

It was red.