she glanced at the girl in the mirror and tried to smile, but the girl in the mirror just glared back with peircing, waiting eyes. 

So, the girl takes her first position, poised and confident. Her eyes closed for a moment. All of the loud conversations of the room faded and she could only hear the sound of her breathing, and she could feel the blood as they rushed though her veins… She knew she was ready, and that it was now or never. Her eyes flipped open, and with one flick of her hand, music filled the room, and she began to dance.

She moves with such grace and fluidity that her feet seem to lift off the ground at that moment and didn’t touch back down until the last note finished echoing though the room like the final word of an argument. The room seemed to hold it’s breath as the girl held her final position like a stone statue.

But nobody clapped, nobody said a word, until the crowd erupted into cheers and applause. But the only affirmation the girl needed was from the girl in the mirror, who’s eye she finally caught.

but the girl in the mirror did not clap, or cheer or even smile, but she whispered “do better next time” in the girls ear, and then she walked away.